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Child Performer

The basic requirements for parents, guardians, and employers of child performers are as follows: employers who engage a child performer to work in this state must obtain a certificate to employ the performer; parents or guardians must obtain a Child Performer Permit so the performer is eligible to work in this state.

All forms, documents, and FAQs can be found below. Any application that does not have the correct attachments may be returned.

Applications and Other Forms

Child Performers

Child Performer Permit Application

School Form

Health Form

Trust Account Form 

Emergency Contact Form

15-day Permit Online Application - FIRST-TIME APPLICANTS ONLY

Employers of Child Performers

Employer Certificate Application

Employer Group Certificate Application

Notice of Use of Child Performers

Variance from the Child Performer Regulations Application

Workers Compensation/Disability Benefits Coverage Verification Form 

FAQs and Other Resources


Child Performers

Child Models

Educational Requirements

Useful Links

Child Performer Permitted Working Hours

The Child Performer Advisory Board to Prevent Eating Disorders (Labor Law Section 154)

Employer Certificates and Child Performer Permits

Trust Accounts and Deposit of Child Performer Earnings in Trust Accounts

Laws and Regulations

Article 4-A Employment & Education of Child Performers

Part 186 - Child Performer Regulations

Summary of Part 186 - Child Performer Regulations

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